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16.04.2018 08:54 Age: 5 yrs

April 2018 Relaunch of webpage

The webpage has been relaunched over the past months. Enhancements are with input and output options. The speed of starting the application is increased. Some minor changes are still to be done, such as adding a program description.

Major changes of output:

- The FEP table is condensed into one table with more than 4 columns
- Additional output tables can be generated: List of FEPs by NEA/UFD/VSG FEP number; List of associated processes; List of decisions
- Output as excel file for selected tables

Major changes of input:

- Copy/paste options on different levels, e.g. complete FEP or description-decision-justification table
- Versioning: FEP descriptions can be traced back now
- Editing functions are improved; a few tooltips are added