Welcome to the Salt Knowledge Archive and FEP Database Project

The project consists of two parts: the knowledge archive and the FEP database. It is a joint project of GRS (Germany) and Sandia (USA).

The intention of the salt knowledge archive is to preserve information about final disposal of radioactive waste. A comprehensive list of references is the starting point of this archive. Electronic documents will be added later.

The FEP database is dedicated to the creation of a comprehensive, internally consistent set of Features, Events, and Processes relevant to potential repository sites in a salt formation.

This database is developed from an international database of OECD-NEA and national input from German and US projects. GRS and Sandia are involved in main activities related to German and US projects dealing with disposal of radioactive waste in final repositories in salt.

To use the salt knowledge archive and the FEP database you must be registered. Registration is for documentation and will be used only internally within the project.

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April 2018 Relaunch of webpage

The webpage has been relaunched over the past months. Enhancements are with input and output options. The speed of starting the application is increased. Some minor changes are still to be done, such as adding a program...[more]


May 2017

Webpage development[more]